Imperial Guard

Second Session

Level 2!

Character Sheets

We'll start the next session with upgrading everyone to Level 2. Feel free to plan ahead, or pull me up some time this week if you need to ask questions. We can probably afford to spent up to an hour on this at the start of the next session. Make sure to fill in any blanks for things like your character's appearance and their background/personality traits/etc.

Once this is all taken care of, we'll move to a new sheet based on Google Sheets called "CharForge". It's very similar to ForgedAnvil in terms of layout and functionality, but it's far more streamlined and will resolve the issue of sharing sheets between ourselves. I'll fill in sheets myself, then send links over Discord.


We'll be starting on Saturday 17th1800 to 2200 AEST. I'll try to have a bit more RP this time around, and we can actually introduce our characters to the players since I'm a terrible person and forgot to do that in the first session.


Hipolipolopigus Hipolipolopigus

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