Imperial Guard

Third Session

Level 3, no more plot armour!

Character Sheets

I will be distributing the new CharForge sheets today. These will be private links to files on my Google Drive with edit permissions, as a way to streamline sharing them between ourselves. Here's a quick guide on how to use the sheet and update Roll20:

  • In the Class Details section of CharForge, select the class you'd like for Level 3. If you're not multiclassing, just pick the same as the previous two levels.
  • In the Core Stats tab of your Roll20 character sheet, update the Hit Dice section with the appropriate levels.
  • Click Use next to the hit dice of the class you've picked for this level, then add the result plus your Constitution modifier to your Current and Max health.
  • In the Class tab of your Roll20 character sheet, update the Class Levels section.
  • If your selected class has a feature choice this level, then an area in the Class Details section of CharForge should no longer be greyed out.

Some other things about CharForge: 

  • Spellcasters will need to look up what they are able to select themselves, as CharForge does not track this.
  • You will be able to view the resulting character sheet on the pages called "Character Sheet I", "Character Sheet II", and "Spell Sheets".
  • Your gold is tracked on the "Start" page, and your carried items can be entered on "Character Sheet II".


Our next session will be delayed by one week until Saturday 1st, as I have some work-related events on the 24th.


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